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The awesome Celar strikes again

Žan Celar, another rising talent represented by AR Sport Management, played an important role for FC Lugano and proved himself already to be a potential big star.

Sunday's (July 31) match between Winterthur and FC Lugano in the Swiss Super league ended with the result

1 - 4 in favor of the away team. Our player Žan Celar entered the tournament with a stellar performance and crowned the game with two goals in the 20' and 91' minute. The match ended in favor of FC Lugano, whose fans were taken aback by the performance of our very own 23- year-old Celar.

Winterthur - FC Lugano 1:4 (1:3)

1:0 Buess ; 1:1 CELAR 20' ; 1:2 Haile-Selassie 22'; 1:3 Bottani 31' ; 1:4 CELAR 91' (11-m)

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