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Stojinović and Begić scored for National U21 team

The match beween Slovenia and Andorra of the 9th round of this qualification Euro 2023 was held on the 9th of June. Our players Dušan Stojinovič and Tjaš Begić entered the tournament with a stellar performance and crowned the game with goals in the 22nd and 62nd minute. of the match.

The match ended with win Slovenia (2-0) whose fans were taken aback by the performance of our very own players.

Slovenia U21 - Andorra U21

1:0 Stojinovic 22'; 2:0 Begic 62'

RD : Gaby 93'

Slovenia U21: Turk, Ilenic, Stojinovic, Zec, Kurtovic, Zabukovnik, Vesner Ticic, Javsenak (Antolin), Zugelj (Seslar), Prelec (Bosilj), Matko (Begic)

Andorra U21: Rabelo (Alonso Guerrero), Ruiz, Guillen (Robinat), Babot, Gomes, Izquierdo (Palou), Fernandez, Vales, Boutarfas, Pubill (Gaby), Balastegui (Rente)


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