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Iličić played fantastically against the Russians and scored a goal

The match beween Russia and Slovenia of the 2nd round of qualification World - Cup was held on the 27th of March.

Our player Josip Iličić entered the tournament with a stellar performance and crowned the game with one goal in the 36th minute. Whose fans were taken aback by the performance of our very own 33- year-old Iličić.

The match ended with win Russia (2-1).

Russia - SLOVENIA 2:1 (2:1)

1:0 Dzyuba 26' ; 2:0 Dzyuba 35'; 2:1 ILIČIČ 36'

Russia : Shunin ; Fernandes, Semenov, Dzhikiya, Kudryashov ; Golovin, Ozdoev, Kuzyayev ; Zhemaletdinov ; Dzyuba, Zhirkov

Slovenia : Oblak ; Balkovec,Meljva,Blažič, STOJANOVIĆ ; KUTRIĆ,Bijol, Lovrić ; Zajc, ŠPORAR, ILIČIČ


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