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Celar scored two goals

The match between Luzern and FC Lugano in the Swiss Super League ended with the result 2- 2.

Our Žan Celar scored the two goals in the 38 minute and 56 minute of the match. For Luzern scored Ugrnić in 59 minute and Kvasina in 86 minute of the match. The astonishing game ended with the result 2-2.

Whose fans were taken aback by the performance of our very own 23- year-old Celar.

FC Luzern - FC Lugano 2:2 (0:1)

0:1 Celar 38' ; 0:2 Celar 56'; 1:2 Ugrinić 59'; 2:2 Kvasina 86'

FC Luzern : Muller, Drager, Burch, Simani, Frydek, Ugrinić, Emini, Gentner, Campo,

Abubakar, Cumic

FC Lugano : Saipi, Zeigler, Daprela, Custodio, Facchinetti, Ruegg, Lovric, Lavanchy,

Bottani, Sabbatini, Celar


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