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Verbic scored against Lyngby

The Danish Superliga has officially begun, and so has the season for our very own Benjamin Verbič, who entered the tournament with a stellar performance, which he also crowned with a goal. After having to sit through his team's first battle of the season, the fired-up Slovene midfielder finally got the chance to help his teammates in the match against Lyngby and played an important role in securing Kobenhavn's victory. After taking part in many a dangerous approach to the opponent's goal, the crucial moment for the Slovene star came in the 52nd minute of the match, when he sent the ball from the centre of the box to the bottom right corner of Lyngby's goal, and doubled his team's lead. The final score was 3:0 in favour of the last year's champions, while Verbič once again proved to be one of Kobenhavn's greatest assets.

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