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Olimpija celebrates league title, Koper stays in PrvaLiga, Maribor lost against Gorica


The match between FC Olimpija and FC Krka ended with the result 3-0. Miha Zajc scored in the 23rd minute to give his team a 1-0 lead, Eleke doubled his side’s lead in the 44th minute and Antonio Delamea sealed the win in the 87th minute. However, Olimpija celebrated the title sucess already last weekend, on 14th of March, when Kronaveter scored a late penalty against Rudar and confirmed the first Olimpija title after a long drought of 21 years. But this Saturday they celebrated the title in front of their home fans. League top scorer Rok Kronaveter said: "The feeling is phenomenal. It was a very tense match, right to the very last minute. Olimpija and Ljubljana deserve this trophy; we have waited too long for it." (Source:

FC KOPER – FC ZAVRČ 1-0 (1-0)

The only scorer in the match FC Koper against FC Zavrč is our player Leo Štulac, another rising talent represented by AR Sport Management, who scored in 38' minute to give Koper a 1 – 0 victory over Zavrč.

Watch the highlights in video below.


Saturday's match between FC Gorica and FC Maribor in Ljudski vrt (Maribor) ended with the result 2 - 3 in favor of Gorica. Maribor took a 1-0 lead already in the 9' minute, when our very own Gregor Bajde proved his advanced shooting skill and scored with his head. Gorica, which has not won over Maribor since March 5th 2011, equalized pretty quickly. Only five minutes after the Maribor's goal, Miran Burgić scored for 1-1. In the 38' minute Bajde scored again and was assisted by Amar Rahmanović. That was his 13th goal in this season. Kotnik and Amarachi Osuji decided the game and Gorica won against Maribor.

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