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Mlakar scores goal on Viareggio Cup

Viareggio Cup

Atalanta Primavera - Fiorentina Primavera 0:1

Scorer : Mlakar 59min

On 23.3 of March Viareggio Cup took place in Viareggio, Tuscany and its surroundings. The Torneo di Viareggio (English: Viareggio Tournament) is one of the most important youth football tournaments in the world. Our player Mlakar proved himself to be the good substitute for Fiorentina. Mlakar entered the game in the 58th minute as a substitution for the attacker Akamadu. After only a minute on the pitch, he also managed to score!

Fiorentina's next opponent will be Inter, which will assume the role of the away team on 25.3.

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