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Kurtic's first goal for Atalanta

The match between Capri and Atalanta was held today, on the 28 of February. We’re happy to announce that the player represented by our agency Jasmin Kurtic also played a very important role in the match. Kurtić scored in the 52nd minute and was assisted by D'Alessandro. The latter attacked down the left and passed the ball to Kurtič, who scored for the first time since joining Atalanta. He also had the chance to play the whole match. Capri, however, managed to score good 20 minutes later as Verdi equalised in the 75th minute. Atalanta currently occupies the 13th place in the league and has 30 points.

In the link below watch the video of the goals.

Capri - Atalanta 1:1 (0:0)

Verdi 79min - 11m; Kurtić 52min

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