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Bajde's first hattrick

On 5th of December the Purples shattered Krško with an astounding 6:0. But the magicians in violet jerseys wouldn't have been that outstanding without our very own Gregor Bajde, who crowned their victory with an astonishing hat-trick. In the 27th minute, he stormed into the penalty area and, by using Zalokar's inability to sucessfuly neutralise the threat to his advantage, masterfully scored for 3:0. In the 57th minute, he scored for the second time and topped this result by adding another point to the already spectacular result.

Maribor – Krško 6:0 (3:0) Mendy 7., 21., 69. Bajde 27., 57., 59.

Maribor: Handanović, Janža, Gigli, Mertelj, Stojanović, Kabha (Vujčić/60.), Vršič (Hotić/47.), Sallalich, Ibraimi (Bohar/67.), Mendy, Bajde.

Krško: Zalokar, Volarič (Blažinčič/66.), Poljanec, Sikošek (Kožar/81.), Urbanč, Štefanac (Slivšek/53.), Drnovšek, Pavič, Perković, Jakolić, Žinko.

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