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Prva Liga - Slo : Bajde and Šporar scored

After a relatively calm and uneventful start, the team from Ljubljana managed to take the lead as Andraž Šporar, the top scorer of the league first hit the post, regained the possession of the ball and, with added precision, overpowered Marjan Radan, the goalkeeper of the home team. But the Dragons were not ment to stay in the lead for long as Mate Eterović took advantage of a somewhat sleepy and unresponsive Denis Klinar - who assisted Šporar in the first successful action of the match - and equalised with a precise header from a position very close to the opponent's goal. In this attack, he was assisted by Damjan Trifković. Olimpija then tried to take back the lead and in the 35th minute, Nik Kapun, the miedfielder of the guests tried to overpower Radan from a distance of approximately 20 metres, but missed the frame by only a little. Luckily for the Green-Whites, Andraž Šporar once again showed his mastery. Right before the end of the first half (41th minute), he brilliantly turned Kelhar's assist into the second goal for his team. This was also the 15th goal of the season for Olimpija's captain. Two minutes later, Kelhar once again approached the opponent's goal, but this time he was stopped by Radan who succeeded in neutralising his shot from 9 metres distance. Lucas Ontiveiro then sent the ball over the crossbar. The score remained unchanged until the end of the first half.

Maribor quickly established dominance over the weaker opponent, but this did not result in a successful attack. Krka thus had the chance to get rid of their underdog status and take the lead, but Josip Fuček did not take the advantage of the penalty shot in favour of the guests as he sent the ball over the crossbar. The first halftime therefore ended without a single score, but after the break, Markos Tavares, the captain of the Violets took matters in his own hands and was first successful in the 61th minute, when he was assisted by Petar Stojanović ... 20 minutes later, Tavares again proved his efficiency as he assisted Gregor Bajde, who scored for 2:0 and sealed Krka's faith.

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