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Another top performance by our Robert Berič and Josip Iličić

Our very own Robert Beric played a very important role in securing St-Étienne's second successive victory in the group stage, this time against Dnipro. His club celebrated a 3:0 victory against the club from Dnipropetrovsk. After Monnet Paquet secured the lead for his team, our excellent Beric quickly doubled the result and once again proved his advanced shooting skills.

Fiorentina moved up to second, above Lech, in UEFA Europa League Group I. Josip Iličić's free-kick, fed by Mati Fernandez, in the 43rd minute was quite a feat to steer the ball over the wall and into the top corner. His sublime free kick around the wall make it 1-0. Ilicic notched the second goal in the 83rd minute and killed off the game with another excellent finish. He put the result beyond doubt. Fiorentina successfully ground out a 0-2 win.

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