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Prva SLO Liga : Slovenian First Football league: Verbič sets record, Šporar scores

In the 19th round of the Slovenian First Football League, Celje, one of the top teams of the season, hosted the team from Zavrč. It took just 11 minutes for Verbič to score against the away team, thus setting the record for the fastest goal ever scored in the history of the Slovenian League. In the 20th minute, Miškić increased the lead of the home team, but the two-point lead wasn’t enough for Verbič, who just two minutes after the second goal managed to score again and became the top scorer.

In Ljubljana, Olimpija met Krka, which took the lead in the 20th minute. In the 71th minute, Matić disappointed by scoring against his own team and increasing Krka’s lead to 0:2. Five minutes later, Olimpija was back in the game as one of its rising stars, Andraž Šporar, managed to sreduce Krka’s lead. But olimpija did not have enough power to score again and lost to the team from Dolenjska. You can watch the goals by clicking the link below.

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