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Maribor again !

Prva liga, Slovenia 2013/2014

Two rounds before the end of the championship, NK Maribor has once again become Slovenian champion! In last five years this is 4th consecutive champions title for Maribor. One of the best Maribor player and official best young player in country, Martin Milec, has put some great displays throught all the season. Our young player, Petar Stojanovic, has become great discover in this season with 9 appearances in league. Aleksander Rajcevic, best central defender in last few years has played 2934 minutes, that means second place by played minutes, behind our goalkeeper, Jasmin Handanovic. There are still few other our players that put massive contribution to this title: Aleš Mertelj, Amir Dervišević, Aljaž Cotman, Matic Črnic, Ranko Moravac and Damjan Vuklišević.


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