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Šporar's first goal for Panathinaikos

The match also proved to be a classic derby. It had rhythm and lots of chances in front of goal for both sides. There were niggly fouls, nerves, strength and a draw in the end. Jovanovic’s new Panathinaikos that is currently under construction promises much for the future.

Our player Andraž Šporar scored in the 58th minute. For Slavia Prag scored Jurecka in 95 minute of the match.

Our players Gnezda Čerin and Šporar played all 90 min of the game.

The match ended in a draw with the result 1:1, Slavia Prague advance to the next round.

Panathinaikos - Slavia Prag 1:1 (0:0)

1:0 ŠPORAR 58' ; 1:1 Jurecka 95'

Panathinaikos : Brignoli, Kotsiras, Juankar, Schenkeveld (55' Kourbelis), Perez, Alexandropoulos (77' Kampetsis), Gnezda Čerin, Vagiannidis (77' Ioannidis), Aitor (88' Carlitos), Šporar

Slavia Praga : Mandous, Doudera (82' Masopust), Ousou, Kacharaba, Dorley, Tiehi (82' Jurecka), Schranz (97' Tecl), Traore (61' Sevcik), Holes, Olayinka, Lingr (62' Usor)

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